Wealth and Investment
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Wealth and Investment, Winner of Euromoney Private Banking Awards 2024.
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Wealth and Investment, Winner of Global Finance Awards 2024.
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Wealth and investment

We strive to give shape to your passions and purpose to your wealth for generations to come by developing a deep and intelligent relationship with you. We do this by finding out what matters to you the most – and by understanding the dreams, goals and ambitions that you have for yourself, your family, and your businesses.

Live your desired lifestyle, safe in the knowledge that the generational needs of your families are taken care of, by partnering with us to create a financial plan for you.

Africa’s leading wealth manager
Bank with an established award-winning institution that has been a leader on the African continent for over 160 years
Exclusive advisory services
Use our extensive advisory services and family wealth expertise to help grow your fortune and educate the next generation for success
Local and global presence
Take advantage of our global footprint to diversify your holdings through a single point of access to the world’s leading financial centres
Personalised relationship management
Partner with us – a single, credible provider for your holistic personal, corporate banking and wealth management solutions
Why Standard Bank
Operations in 20 African countries
The Standard Bank Group is South Africa’s largest bank, ranked by assets and earnings.
Powering African economy for over 160 years
Aligning our presence in the market with the evolving needs of the region’s economies and delivering relevant banking and financial services.
Creating a difference
Our success and growth over the long term are dependent on making a difference in the communities in which we operate.
Why Standard Bank
Transcending the African continent
The Group’s operations span 12 countries with an emerging market focus.
High standards of corporate governance
The Group upholds high standards of corporate governance and is committed to advancing the principles and practice of sustainable development.
Trusted domain expertise
As a client, you will benefit from our strong African footprint, coupled with our key local knowledge and expertise in each of the markets in which we operate.
Our Wealth Management Strategy
Protecting the wealth of our clients
Our Wealth Management Philosophy centres on managing, growing and protecting the generational wealth of our clients and their families. Our goals-driven investment approach allows you to take a long-term view of your investments, whilst simultaneously meeting your short-term lifestyle needs. As your financial partner, our aim is to accompany you through each stage of your life, giving purpose to your wealth and ensuring you can leave a lasting legacy.
Our Wealth Management Strategy
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Banking Solutions

Banking shouldn’t take up your valuable time. That is why we’ve developed a range of personalised banking solutions.

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Structured Lending

Flexible, convenient and personalised lending services to confidently pursue your financial goals. Our team works together with you to develop customised lending structures to grow your wealth.

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Fiduciary Advisory Services

It’s never too early to begin planning how to protect your estate and pass along your wealth.

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Family Office

We’ll help you grow, manage and preserve your family’s wealth and legacy.

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Investment Solutions

We recognise that you’ve worked hard to build your fortune, now it’s time for your money to work harder for you.

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Risk Solutions

With WealthInsure™, you can enjoy peace of mind and know that the things that matter most to you are adequately insured.

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Wealth International

Our comprehensive international banking services support your global lifestyle and multi-jurisdictional wealth.

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Shari’ah Banking

Build and preserve your wealth with a banking and investment solution that is Shari'ah-compliant.

Leadership academies
Leadership Academies

Leadership Academies were established to empower and educate the families of our clients on the principles of investing, banking and lending, financial planning, leadership and philanthropy.

WI on call
Digital and Voice Service Banking

Save time and enhance your service experience with digital and voice service capabilities that have been designed to assist you with your daily banking queries by providing access to 24/7 banking support.