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We aim to partner with you in a journey to build, grow and preserve your wealth. Research consistently shows that successful preservation for and transfer of wealth to successive generations is a key concern of high-net worth clients. For this reason, helping clients with intergenerational wealth management is a central part of our proposition. Leadership Academies are tailored to the bespoke needs of discrete audiences ranging from Junior Leaders, Young Leaders and Future Leaders to Women in Wealth.

Junior Leaders (ages 10–12)

The Junior Leaders Academy, targeted at children between the ages of 10 – 12, is a one-day programme that starts the conversation about money. Students will learn about the challenges of making money, the importance of starting to save and invest early and what it means to spend wisely. They will be introduced to concepts like delayed gratification and compound interest, and will learn how to create a simple budget for their own lives.

Young Leaders (ages 13–17)

The Young Leaders Academy provides a financial literacy foundation for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17. During the one-day programme, students will learn the basics of financial management and will be exposed to the fundamentals of investing. Students will have the opportunity to put their newly acquired financial knowledge into practice through a simulated business start-up and a stock market simulation challenge.

Future Leaders (ages 18–24)

Backed by research and behavioural science, our Future Leaders Academy is designed to empower delegates with effective insights aimed at igniting a growth mindset for personal development, while simultaneously sharing ideas on business management and what it means to give purpose to wealth.

The day typically features multi-skilled speakers, who come from diverse backgrounds, sharing their inspirational, personal stories of entrepreneurship. Capitalising on the interactive format, they draw from their experience to equip delegates with skills to navigate the dynamic forces to build their dream and leave their own legacy.

Women in Wealth

The Academy recognises the immeasurable influence and transformative impact that women have in our society, and we are committed to enabling your wealth goals and aspirations. Women have unique life events, such as childbirth, that impact their careers and wealth creation and planning needs. This calls for a bespoke wealth advisory approach that takes women’s unique needs and circumstances into account, addressing key areas such as risk management and succession planning.


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