Wealth and Investment
Unlocking wealth potential through Shari’ah principles
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Shari’ah-compliant banking and investment

Our banking and investment solutions are designed to ensure Shari’ah compliance to help you build and preserve your wealth in a way that’s true to your ideals and leaves a legacy to future generations.

Save and invest
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Shari’ah-compliant Fixed Deposit

Open an investment account with a fixed term and earn a competitive profit share up to 9.50%.

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Shari’ah-compliant Call Account

Get a savings account that lets you earn competitive profit sharing on a positive account balance.

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Shari’ah-compliant Business Fixed Deposit

Get a term investment account that allows for Shari’ah-compliant investment opportunities.

Bank and transact

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Diners Club Shari’ah Charge Card

Get a charge card that lets you make in-store and online purchases while enjoying bespoke travel and lifestyle benefits.


Wills, trusts and estate planning

Gain peace of mind that your legacy and your loved ones will be protected. Let us help you draw up and store your Will and assist with managing your trusts and estate planning.

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Shari’ah-compliant Forward Exchange Contracts (FEC)

A Shari’ah-compliant foreign exchange framework to hedge your foreign exchange risks

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Shari’ah-compliant Merchant Capital Cash Advance

A Shari’ah-compliant working capital solution for retail businesses, with no hidden costs or interest rates

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Shari’ah-compliant Fleet Management

Fleet management products and solutions designed to be compliant with Shari’ah principles to keep your business and fleet running smoothly.


For specific solutions in your country, please connect with us.