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Africa’s leading wealth manager

Bank with an established award-winning institution that has been a leader on the African continent for over 160 years.

Exclusive benefits

Use our extensive advisory services and family wealth expertise to help grow your fortune and educate the next generation for success.

Local and global presence

Take advantage of our global footprint to diversify your holdings through a single point of access to the world’s leading financial centres.

Single point of contact

Partner with us, a single, credible provider for your holistic personal, corporate banking and wealth management solutions.
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Banking Solutions

Banking shouldn’t take up your valuable time. That is why we’ve developed a range of personalised banking solutions to enable you to transact simply and securely, wherever you may be – supported by a team of proactive relationship management banking specialists, dedicated to you.

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Wealth International

Our comprehensive international banking services support your global lifestyle and multi-jurisdictional wealth management needs. Offices in Jersey, London and the Isle of Man are dedicated to serving you – both as a private and corporate client – directly and through an active intermediary network.

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Investment Solutions

You’ve worked hard for your money, now it’s time for your money to work harder for you. Markets can be volatile and knowing where and when to invest isn’t always easy. Our team of wealth experts will custom-build an investment strategy to ensure that your wealth investment portfolio goals are met.

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Structured Lending

Flexible, convenient and personalised lending services to confidently pursue your financial goals. Our team works together with you to develop customised lending structures to grow your wealth.

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Fiduciary Advisory Services

Whether you want to grow your wealth, retire comfortably and/or leave a legacy for future generations, our highly experienced team of experts is here to help you take a long-term investment view, ensure you meet your short-term lifestyle needs, and shield you from exposure and risks.

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Risk Solutions

With WealthInsure™ you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the things that matter most to you are adequately covered by a team of risk experts who understand the intricacies of high-net-worth asset protection.

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Philanthropic Services 

The drive to leave your mark on the world and uplift others is a passion we understand. Let’s help you realise your philanthropic aspirations by designing the right structures and frameworks and helping you to monitor and manage your foundation.

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Sharia'h Banking

Build and preserve your wealth with a banking and investment solution that is Shari'ah-compliant.

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Family Office

You’ve worked hard to provide the life you’ve envisioned for you and your family. We’re here to ensure that your family’s wealth continues to grow. Our Family Office services bring together strategic partnerships and collaborations to provide you with access to specialist skills such as tax specialists, wealth psychologists and research firms.

Leadership academies
Leadership Academies

Our Leadership Academy Programme is designed to prepare Africa’s next generation. Our courses are designed to assist children and young adults to develop the qualities and skills required to manage wealth responsibly.

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Digital and Voice Service Banking

Save time and enhance your service experience with digital and voice service capabilities that have been designed to assist you with your daily banking queries by providing access to 24/7 banking support.