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Trust and Fiduciary

With Standard Bank Wealth and Investment, you are assured that the best long-term plans for legacy wealth management have been put in place – ensuring the next generation can build on the foundation of wealth you have created.

Modern estate planning is more about legacy wealth management. However, Sophisticated clients need a global partner that will ensure simplicity at home, but can also accommodate evolving personal and business needs and provide assistance on an international scale.

Your affairs need to be arranged, managed and protected so that you, your family and other beneficiaries may enjoy, the maximum benefit from your estate both during your lifetime and after your death, regardless of when death might occur.

Peace of mind comes with effective forward planning – which includes services that take care of wills, estate planning and trusts geared around the fulfilment of your financial and legacy goals. We will analyse your needs and, in partnership with you, create a legacy wealth management plan that meets those needs.

We also ensure that the management of wealth in several geographic locations does not become costly and time-consuming. We provide a range of services to assist in efficient administration of international fiduciary arrangements and investments, including the establishment and administration of international structures.

With a footprint in South Africa, Jersey and Mauritius, we will provide you with a solution tailored to fit your specific requirements.  We can also work with your advisors and are able to establish holding companies in multiple jurisdictions through our registered agent network.

We provide assistance to devise efficient strategies for holding assets, both domestically and internationally. Trusts – a form of asset protection and preservation are the most commonly used structures, but the Trust and Fiduciary team have experience in dealing with other forms of structures in diverse jurisdictions.

For specific solutions in your country, please connect with us.

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