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Risk Solutions

Wealth and Investment designs risk management strategies for our clients through the identification, analysis and prioritisation of risks, followed by a process of implementing risk solutions to minimise, monitor and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events.

A comprehensive financial risk assessment is conducted through end-to-end financial planning which may also include estate, retirement and investment planning.  You are then advised on strategies such as risk avoidance, reduction and which risks may need to be retained.

Where risk is to be transferred to third parties, appropriate risk solutions are recommended through the use of long and/or short term insurance. Risk types that can be mitigated by insurance include:

- Death and disability

- Healthcare costs

- Damage to or loss of property

- Liability risk

- Loss of key individuals and the impact of buy and sell agreements in business

Risk management plans are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that changes to your personal circumstances are taken into account.

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