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Leadership Academies Thought Leadership Series

Welcome to our Leadership Academies thought leadership series. Our academies are designed to offer age-appropriate education programmes aimed at teaching your children about the importance of managing wealth and understanding the fundamentals of money management – especially now, with an increasingly uncertain future. 

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4 videos

Koshiek Karan shares some of the secret sauce he’s learned from years of recruiting for top tier investment banking programmes to give our Future Leaders an edge in their own journeys. Looking at the good and the hard stuff, he offers tips on how to anticipate and utilise disruption while crafting your own career pathway.

Gugulethu Mfuphi demonstrates the power of pivoting as you plan your career journey. She shares how she has evolved in her own career to become not only future-fit for the world of work, but also pursue her passion in a way that has brought not only job success but personal fulfilment too. She talks about the value of consistently evolving your story and how important it is to keep learning and moving out of your comfort zone to grow.

Simon Dingle uses the story of a great name in gaming to help us understand the realities of turning an idea for a business into something tangible that achieves a purpose over the long term. His examples and stories will demystify what it really takes to pioneer a relevant and sustainable business and how the magic actually happens in the execution of an idea. He demonstrates that it mostly requires counter-intuitive behaviour, adaption and a relentless commitment to your north star.

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