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Standard Bank awarded Top Honours for Servicing Internationally Wealthy Families
05 August 2020
4 rating

Standard Bank Wealth and Investment has received Top honours for Servicing Internationally Wealthy Families in Intellidex’s annual Top Private Banks and Wealth Managers survey.

This is the ninth edition of what is believed to be the only comprehensive public analysis of the industry. The Intellidex Survey is a review of wealth managers and private banks as well as their clients, with emphasis on client rankings of firms across an extensive list of categories.

The award falls in the archetype category. The archetype awards honour firms that provide service excellence to specific client segments. According to Intellidex: “The winners of the archetype awards are extremely important because they reflect which firms cater best to different market segments, enabling investors to select the firm that best suits their needs.” The results are derived from client input as well as peer ratings from participating firms.

“We are honoured to have been recognised for the role that we play in partnering with our Family Office clients. Our clients, whether family businesses or founder led businesses, look to us for guidance on a range of solutions, including growth capital, financing, liquidity creation, wealth preservation and succession planning to name but a few. We also help them navigate the complexities of family business and business of family that matters most to them.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients over the long term, to assist in protecting and growing their wealth in addition to achieving theirs and their families dreams and aspirations for future generations to come.” Lisa Forster - Head: Family Office, South Africa.

The award comes as the global markets face uncertainty largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the face of this, our overall guidance to clients has been not to make knee-jerk and emotionally driven decisions due to the current market volatility, that in most cases would result in the unnecessary crystallisation of longer-term losses.

History has shown that extreme depressed market events never last into perpetuity. We continue to search for attractive investment opportunities for our clients. utilising the powerful platform of engaging with our internal stakeholders within Corporate Investment Banking and Commercial Banking to leverage off the IP from within.

Forster explains: “In Family Office we strive to deliver an advisor led experience that encompasses both digital innovation and traditional values, with specific focus on Family Business, Family Wealth and Family Legacy. We are privileged to have our clients entrust us with management of their Family Wealth and take this responsibility seriously.This award is testament to our commitment and our promise to the families that we serve.”

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